Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 2

Day 2 of the Beginner's 5K program and still going well. It seems that evening workouts work better for me...mostly because I can't out of bed in the morning. Maybe I'll be more motivated when it's actually light outside when I wake up in the morning. But right now, dark + cold apartment + warm bed = lazy girl. But it's the workout and not the time that matters so I won't feel guilty. One of my (many) 2011 resolutions is to be more forgiving of myself when I'm not perfect.

And, at some point, I will get some pictures up here to make my posts more interesting. As soon as I can figure out this whole photo upload thing. I meant to take a picture of the yummy post-workout dinner I made but I ate it all up before I could remember!

So, like last night, I'm off to drink some warm chammomile tea and watch paranoid disaster documentaries with the cat. Goodnight!

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