Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Beginning

So, I'm a girl and I have some goals. Hence the title. Creative? Nope. But it gets the job done.

And what are these goals, exactly? Well, once upon a time I started running. I liked it a lot, I was at one of the healthiest weights of my adult life, I could feel my body getting stronger as I slowly and gradually ran just a little bit more. And got hot outside. I live in Washington, DC where it's hot and humid and even after 6 years my poor New England self can not handle the heat. So I stopped running. And the weight slowly came back and I stopped being so strong and healthy. Six months later I feel chubby and tired and slow and I hate it.

So I have decided to start running again. But I know that in order to keep myself motivated I need to have a goal to work for. Most people decide to train for a race, usually a 5K for a beginner (and I consider myself a beginner). But I decided to really push myself this year. So, I am declaring that in the year 2011 I will run a 5K, a 10K, a 10 Miler, a half-marathon and a marathon.

The first one is already coming up. Last week I registered to run the Scope It Out 5K on March 20, 2011. I have three months to get ready and I will be blogging about the whole experience right here. So come back and visit and help me stay motivated!

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